for IBM® TIVOLI® Storage Manager

Back up your IBM® PureFlex System based private cloud with ease

  • Does your current backup system cost you too much?
  • Are you wasting precious time and resources maintaining it?
  • Would you like to have the same benefits of the backup system in your private cloud that you have in the management of your cloud?

IBM’s expert integrated systems, the IBM® PureFlex System and IBM® Flex System® enable you to manage your environment in a more user friendly way.

Our PureBackup product extends IBM PureFlex System’s expertise to the data protection area. It provides the same benefits for IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager as IBM® Flex System Manager provides for PureFlex: simplified, easy management, automated and labor saving technologies.

In the past, backing up your cloud required highly trained technicians. Our product allows you to manage your backup environment without the need for these complex, hard to find skill sets.

At a glance

Building on the systems management capabilities of IBM Endpoint Manager and integrating them with Flex System Manager, PureBackup greatly simplifies the installation, management and day-to-day operation of the data protection system, thus eliminating the need for expensive and experienced technical staff. This simplification is achieved through the following key features:

  • Template based automatic system setup.
    During the initial setup of PureBackup, the storage environment is discovered. The most appropriate configuration template is chosen, and the Tivoli Storage Manager server environment is set up accordingly.
  • Automatic backup target discovery.
    Using information collected from Flex System Manager and IBM Endpoint Manager, the potential backup targets (filesystems, databases, etc.) are detected and presented on the PureBackup central dashboard.
  • Single click backup.
    Scheduling backups of discovered targets is made by dragging a backup profile to a target. Backup profiles specify the backup actions and the scheduling required. All tasks previously done manually (TSM/TDP Backup client deployment, configuration and node registration) are now executed automatically.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
    The dashboard displays both the status of backup targets and TSM server(s). All tasks can be executed, configured and managed from this interface.
  • Predefined autonomous TSM server processes.
    Backup object expiration, space reclamation of tapes, TSM database backup, etc. are configured, scheduled and run automatically without user intervention.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail: info@backupyourpureflex.com.