Secure Data Archiving Appliance

PureArchive is a self-contained, full-featured and secure data archiving appliance designed to address data retention and other regulatory compliance requirements. It helps enterprises to tackle the growing challenge of retention-managed data. Its central component is IBM® System Storage® Archive Manager (SSAM) which offers a secure way to archive, protect and expire data whose expiration can be triggered by business events (event based retention). On top of this, the solution guarantees to prevent data deletion until its retention criterion is met.

Utilizing SSAM can dramatically reduce the amount of data in online databases and can help companies to become compliant with records retention regulations. Due to pre-configured components, the appliance is quick to set up and can start processing workloads in a very short time. The robust and highly available solution is easily expandable as your needs grow. Since the now discontinued IBM DR550 and Information Archive products were also based on SSAM, these end of life products can be replaced with PureArchive seamlessly.

At a glance

PureArchive is built from IBM PureFlex® System components and is available in a redundant single site and a georedundant two sites configuration. PureArchive offers the following benefits over DR550 and Information Archive:

  • Besides C API and TSM backup archive client, it is accessible via Java and REST APIs.
  • For long-distance data mirroring, it relies on IBM Storwize® v7000’s remote mirroring, which is superior to that of DR550’s in all aspects.
  • It builds on the integrated management features of the PureFlex System and the Chassis Management Module.
  • It uses IBM PowerSC™ for operating system hardening and security settings.
  • It provides an easy to use intuitive administration/management GUI.

Although PureArchive is an appliance, under the hood it is a J2EE compliant application running on an AIX® based cluster. The application consists of two main parts: a JAX-RS 2.0 Web Services running on IBM WebSphere® Application Server Liberty Core, and an SSAM server. The operating system contains only a minimal subset of packages to make it lightweight and less prone to errors, and it is hardened to be compliant with security regulations. High availability of the archiving service running on the two compute nodes is provided by IBM PowerHA®.