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USER Szoftverház Kft. develop applications based on IBM products for our customers. Since the beginning we have put strong emphasis on our techincal excellency:

  • We were the first business partner receiving IBM RS/6000 Center of Excellence.
  • We have IBM System p Specialty, IBM System Storage Specialty, IBM PureFlex Specialty.
  • We are also an IBM Accredited Sofware Practice Accelerator in the following areas: Tivoli Storage Management Solution, Tivoli Netcool OMNIbus, Tivoli Storage Productivity Center, Tivoli Storage Manager


Our predecessor, User Tanácsadó Kft. (USER Consulting Ltd.), founded in 1996, started the commercial and development work to provide a firm basis for our continued success in representing internationally renowned brands employing a highly skilled and experienced team to supply a variety of bespoke IT solutions. In 2006 User Rendszerház was formed as a separate business entity to concentrate on technologies from such well-known brands as IBM, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, NetApp and Kofax, and to provide integration, support and development services around these technologies. We have been placing high emphasis on achieving vendor certifications and keeping our technical staff on the bleeding edge of their respective fields. We have been expanding the spectrum of our services focusing on areas requiring a high degree of expertise and providing a higher level of added value to our customers.


Hardware and software engineers, support personnel and developers at USER Rendszerház Kft. provide the following services:

  • Designing, implementing, operating and supporting
  • Hardware, OS and application monitoring and management
  • Bespoke software development based on mainly, but not exclusively, IBM solutions (Java, WebSphere, Host Publisher, Content Manager)
  • IT consulting


We strive to approach our customers with both inventive new concepts and thoroughly tested and proven technologies to deliver a successful implementation. We also work hard to maintain a high level of confidence among our customers by placing emphasis on our staff becoming experts in their selected fields and supplying them with up-to-date information on recent technology. From the very beginning we have paid great attention to providing our customers with very high quality professional support. We have been making significant investment in equipment and education to help our staff stay on top of the competition and enable us to maintain a state-of-the-art test bed to experiment with new technology and profile applications. These facilities are available to our customers as well.


In 1999 User Tanácsadó Kft. became an IBM Center of Excellence RS/6000, IBM Center of Excellence RS/6000 SP and the first IBM Advanced Partner in Hungary. In 2006, in the first year of User Rendszerház Kft., we became an IBM Premier Partner, and every year since 2006 we have been awarded the title of IBM Business Partner Of The Year. Since 2010 we have been an IBM World Wide Tivoli TOP50 Business Partner. This advanced business partner status has enabled us to maintain a special relationship with IBM in the areas of commerce as well as technology. Capitalizing on this relationship we have been developing bespoke solutions based on proven IBM products and technologies.

Integration Toolbox

High level Java API for IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager

IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) is an enterprise class backup and archive solution built on more than 25 years of experience. Thousands of enterprises are using and relying upon it as a proven backup and archive solution.

TSM offers a lot of functionality, yet many customers fail to recognize its full potential. For example, TSM provides IBM® System Storage® Archive Manager (SSAM), a seldom employed feature, which offers a secure way to archive, protect and expire data whose expiration can be triggered by business events. Utilizing SSAM can dramatically reduce the amount of data in online databases and can help companies to become compliant with records retention regulations.

Using SSAM’s features in business applications, however, is difficult and only possible through its C/C++ API or via IBM provided connectors. For Java based business applications, our Integration Toolbox for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager product provides an effortless way to take advantage of existing TSM/SSAM environments using a high level Java API. SOA environments can use our JAX-WS compliant Web Services for TSM feature without having a single line of code written.

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Certified secure data archiving solution with SSAM

PureArchive is a self-contained, full-featured and secure data archiving appliance designed to address data retention and other regulatory compliance requirements. It helps enterprises to tackle the growing challenge of retention-managed data. Its central component is IBM® System Storage® Archive Manager (SSAM) which offers a secure way to archive, protect and expire data whose expiration can be triggered by business events (event based retention). On top of this, the solution guarantees to prevent data deletion until its retention criterion is met.

Utilizing SSAM can dramatically reduce the amount of data in online databases and can help companies to become compliant with records retention regulations. Due to pre-configured components, the appliance is quick to set up and can start processing workloads in a very short time. The robust and highly available solution is easily expandable as your needs grow. Since the now discontinued IBM DR550 and Information Archive products were also based on SSAM, these end of life products can be replaced with PureArchive seamlessly.

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Back up your IBM® PureFlex System based private cloud with ease
  • Does your current backup system cost you too much?
  • Are you wasting precious time and resources maintaining it?
  • Would you like to have the same benefits of the backup system in your private cloud that you have in the management of your cloud?

IBM’s expert integrated systems, the IBM® PureFlex System and IBM® Flex System® enable you to manage your environment in a more user friendly way.

Our PureBackup product extends IBM PureFlex System’s expertise to the data protection area. It provides the same benefits for IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager as IBM® Flex System Manager provides for PureFlex: simplified, easy management, automated and labor saving technologies.

In the past, backing up your cloud required highly trained technicians. Our product allows you to manage your backup environment without the need for these complex, hard to find skill sets.

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Space management solution for Microsoft® SharePoint®

After a successful Microsoft® SharePoint® implementation, if the users realize its potential (versioned storage, etc.), the volume of stored documents could rise exponentially. This is the so called "SharePoint boom".

Having a very large database can have a negative impact on business continuity and maintenance operations.

  • Backup and restore operations take considerably longer
  • Index and statistics defragmentation takes considerably longer. This is a particular concern if the database must be taken offline during defragmentation
  • Regular Database Console Commands consistency checks will take much longer. If database integrity is not regularly monitored, the risk of a corrupted database is considerably increased.

Using TSMPoint, only document metadata is stored into the database, documents can be directed into IBM® Spectrum Protect™, eliminating database inflation. Documents get directed to the database or to Spectrum Protect based on their size. Small documents get stored into the database, documents bigger than a configurable size limit get directed to Spectrum Protect.

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